Now Get Puchkas Delivered At Your Doorstep In Kolkata

Now Get Puchkas Delivered At Your Doorstep In Kolkata

We Kolkatans are very proud of our Fuchkas that can very well stand out alone in the crowd. Puchkas are sold all over India and every state has given its name to our sweetheart ‘Puchka’ popularly known as ‘Fuchka’ in Bengal. The number of puchka lovers is tremendous in different parts of India. You will hardly come across anyone who does not love eating Puchkas not only in Kolkata but the entire nation. Puchka is the king of street food of Kolkata beating Jhal Muri, Ghughni, Momos, Rolls and other street food savouries of ‘The City of Joy’.

The greatest pleasure of eating Puchkas lies on the streets of Kolkata, standing and waiting in the queue and sharing over the same plate with your friends or family. This street food has been redefined by Puchkalicious and gave it a healthier and tastier twist. The puchkas taste heaven but many of us kill our craving as we simply do not want to compromise with our health. Most puchka vendors prepare it unhygienically using dirty hands and water that may lead to severe health ailments. Even the roads where they sell puchkas are not clean due to which mosquitoes and flies wander around and pollute the ‘fuchkas’ that are being served in our palate.

Now, you do not have to stop yourself from having the mouthwatering and the most hygienic puchkas in Kolkata as Puchkalicious brings to you different and unique varieties of puchkas in Kolkata. At the moment, they are serving in three different outlets in Kolkata. There is also an option of getting the puchkas delivered to your doorstep via Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEats. So, you can enjoy Puchkas at your home or office at your best comfort and save on time. You do not have to stand in the queue on dirty roadside stalls. Just sit back and relax and order using your smartphone. Some of the unique puchkas that they are selling inside pan puchka, cheeseburst puchka, pizza puchka, jaljeera puchka, tutti-fruity puchka, Nutella puchka with ice cream, kurkure puchka, peanut puchka and many more. The list is endless. You need to check the options yourself and see the variety of puchkas and chaats they are selling and delivering at your home.

Try it out today along with your friends, families, colleagues and enjoy the freshly made and most hygienic puchkas in Kolkata. Have a Puchka Meet Soon!

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