Why Is Puchka Considered The Most Favourite Street Food Of Kolkata?

Why Is Puchka Considered The Most Favourite Street Food Of Kolkata?

Kolkata is ranked number one when we look around for street food in India. Kolkata has been a dream city for food lovers coming from myriads of places and accepting cultural diversity. Food ranging from vegetarian, non-vegetarian and eggetarian; the best place for people belonging to every religion to tie themselves to the mouthwatering variety of road-side food.

For someone who stayed and studied outside, would reminiscence people of such a diverse city and their food habits. Only one thing that clicks to mind besides Roshogulla is Puchka. People living outside Bengal would not relate to this word, which we, Bengalis have owned and sunk in our blood. Pani-Puri, Golgappa are sisters to Puchka because they cannot match the taste of this purity, mouth-watering, deliciously mesmerizing beauty which is quite different from other street-food places around India. Besides, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mumbai or Indore, Puchka rules the heart of Bengalis. Sour as a pickle, hot and spicy until we burst into tear with the crispiness outside is the mother of true delight.

Puchka has been close to our heart, every evening my friends, along with their mothers from ‘Parras’ would surround the ‘Puchkawala’. We couldn’t wait for our turn and at the end asking for ‘Sookha’. As kids during summer vacations, our days would go by discussing the road-side food of the day. These are the true delights of having Puchka, true delight of being a Hindu from West Bengal.

This is exactly why Puchkalicious came into existence. Puchkalicious is a level next of Puchkas of Kolkata. The unique combination of flavored puchkas is completely a new concept in our very own Kolkata, the City of Joy. Puchka lovers are already drooling over the varieties of mouthwatering Puchkas at Puchkalicious outlets. The two outlets in City Center 2 and RDB Cinemas serves around seventeen varieties of most hygienic puchkas in Kolkata. Visit the outlets to check the tastiest options available and then decide. Some of the best selling ones remain cheese puchka, cheese burst puchka, pan puchka, Nutella puchka with ice-cream, scrambled puchka, dahi puchka and so on. The puchka is freshly prepared using the mineral water unlike other puchka vendors and therefore it is safe for stomach health. Puchkalicious is a place where taste meets hygiene. Let’s fall in love with puchka all over again only at Puchkalicious.

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