Is It Safe To Eat Puchka during Monsoons?

Puchka in Monsoon

Is It Safe To Eat Puchka during Monsoons?

It is that time of the year again when one needs to be extra cautious of what we eat. During this time, our body is more prone to infections. Our immunity, too, takes a dip in the water in this season. Since the temperature falls and the heatwave is on a low, the hunger pangs automatically increase and the taste buds turn naughty with an urge of eating something tangy, spicy and chatpata. The water consumption automatically goes down and therefore there remains a strong chance of dehydration. Waterborne diseases are most active in this season. Therefore, the source and quality of the water need to be checked before its consumption.

Puchka is one such street food delicacy that is loved by all age groups irrespective of the season. Puchka or fuchka in Kolkata has three main ingredients, the puri, the potato mixture and the spiced water. The sweet, tangy and spicy water of puchka is the king. The water used in making it is not boiled water and is prepared unhygienically on the roadside puchka stalls being sold on the streets by puchka vendors. This type of puchka preparation is not safe and not recommended in any season, especially the monsoon season. The digestive system is most weak in this season and the gastrointestinal disorders in on a high rise.

On the other hand, Puchkalicious is one such puchka seller of Kolkata that is best known for the most hygienic preparation of Puchka. The water used to prepare the potato masala and the puchka water is mineral water. The water safety and the preparation technique is guaranteed in this puchka outlet. This has become the most trusted place in Kolkata in a very short period of time to relish tasty puchka any time of the year without a fear. Puchkas served here are FSSAI approved and best known for its fresh and hygienic preparation.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that puchka from any local street vendor is not safe to have except Puchkalicious. So this Monsoon season, Stay healthy and enjoy the most hygienic puchka of Kolkata with us.

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