Classic Puchkas with Punches

(5 pcs in each serving)

Classic Old Puchka (Spicy / non Spicy)

Kolkata's authentic era-old snack

Chatpata Puchka

Tangy Puchkas to twist your tongue

Puchka Pyaza

A twist of puchkas with onions

Dahi Puchka

Tasty dahi splatter on puchka platter

Cool Puchka

Beat the heat with icy/chilled puchkas

Jaljeera Puchka

Enjoy a mouthful of Jaljeera in every bite

Sev Puchka

Seasoned with crunchy sev, to make it munchy

Scrambled Puchka

Crunchy Munchy platter, perfect as a starter

Signature Puchkas from Puchkalicious

(5 pcs in each serving)

Kurkure Puchka

Feel the crunchiness in mouth

Cheese Puchka

Feel the cheesy melt in mouth

Corn Mayo Puchka

A twist with tasty corn and cheesy mayo

Assorted Puchka

Can’t Pick Your Favorite Yet? Try Out This One First! (Peanut Masala Puchka, Chatpata Puchka, Cheese Puchka, Kurkure Puchka, And Puchka Pyaza)

Peanut Masala Puchka

Crispy, spicy peanuts in every bite!

Corn Mayo Cheese Puchka

Enjoy your favorite pizza topping in Puchkas

Cheese Burst Puchka

A blast of Cheese, for your taste buds to please

Sweet Puchka Treats

(2 pcs in each serving)

Tutti Fruity Puchka

An awesome blend of fruits in one bite

Pan Puchka

A heavenly platter for pan lovers

Nutella Puchka with Ice Cream

Enjoy the Nutella spread and chilled ice cream in every bite

Thirst Quenchers

Mineral Water

Quench your thirst with purified water

Orange Chiller

Get your chill with Orange water

Lemon Mint Chiller

Lemon and mint blend together to punch the heat

Green Mango Chiller

Mock the summer with the tang of green mango.

I never thought I would like anything sweet in my spicy puchka, but I was wrong when I bit the first piece of chocolate puchka. Amazing blend, amazing taste like never before. Thanks for inventing this!!

Pinaki Sarkar

Excellent service, even on their first day. Good work guys, I think I am going to be visiting there more often now.

Rohan Arora

I tried the first plate purely out of curiosity, while I was strolling in CC2. But the next two were due to the perfect blend of crunchy puchkas with spicy filling and tangy water. One of the best I ever tried.

Sangita Upadhyay

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