Can Puchkas In Kolkata Be Both Appetizing And Hygienic At The Same Time?

Hygienic Puchkas

Can Puchkas In Kolkata Be Both Appetizing And Hygienic At The Same Time?

The above question seems too difficult to be true. Isn’t it? But the fact is that hygienic and healthy food including Puchkas can go hand in hand pretty well. Some things need to be followed when it comes to hygienic Puchkas in Kolkata. Since Kolkata is the king of street food not only in Bengal but all over India. Citizens of different parts of India love the street food of Kolkata especially Puchka. Puchka is the most loved street food snack item of India and it is referred to as different names in different states. Read to know more  How Many Different Names Of Puchkas Do You Know?

Why are we recognised as the best place for the most hygienic Puchkas in Kolkata? Let us find out.

  • Filtered Water: Tamarind water, undoubtedly, is the star ingredient of Puchka. Any Puchka platter is incomplete without it. We use filtered RO water for all Puchka ingredients’ preparation which makes it a safe and hygienic one to gobble on.
  • In house preparation of masala: Puchka masala is something that can enhance or destroy its taste. We prepare our masalas using the best quality masala ingredients that make it a unique one. It acts as a natural taste enhancer that is prepared by our expert cooks most professionally and hygienically.
  • Best quality Puchka: Our Puchkas are of superior quality as it is freshly made, being used by the best food brands and outlets of Kolkata who are also serving and selling Puchkas. The quality of Puchka undoubtedly enhances the overall taste of Puchka. The crispier and fresh it is, the better it tastes.
  • Hygienic method of preparation: Generally, all the roadside vendors use dirty hands to mask the potatoes, or even insert their bare hands in the tamarind water while serving. Our staffs use gloves and head caps while preparing it which makes it the most hygienic preparation, unlike others.

The above-mentioned points are logical enough to make our Puchkas the most delicious and hygienic one in Kolkata. On top of that, we do not sell the Puchkas on the dirty roadside. We serve it in our well-maintained stalls in the leading commercial places and shopping malls in Kolkata. Next time, you crave eating delicious Puchkas in Kolkata, head to our outlets in CityCentre2, RDB Cinemas or Ecospace Business Park. Alternatively, order online using Swiggy, Zomato or UberEats and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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