Puchkalicious – Best For Freshly Made & Hygienic Puchkas

Puchkalicious has come into existence out of great love for puchkas by a common man who is a resident of Kolkata. ‘There is no love sincerer than the love of food’, a famous saying by George Bernard Shaw captures the idea behind Puchkalicious perfectly. People who love to eat are always the best people and people who serve good food are the people who care. We not only care but also make our customers happy. You do not have to find a reason to be happy, just attack a plate or two of puchkas with us and instantly cheer yourself up.

We bring you some good reasons to try out different varieties of puchkas at Puchkalicious.
  • Assured quality and taste at its best.
  • 15 different kinds of puchkas available.
  • Traditional puchkas with a creative and an innovative twist.
  • Most unique ways of presentation.
  • All kinds of party and catering orders accepted all over Kolkata.
  • Free home delivery(Order on Swiggy).
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Puchka's at Puchkalicious

‘The City of Joy’ take a great pride in its street food all over the world. Puchkas are considered as ‘the king of street food’ in Kolkata. Puchkas, a deep fried dumpling with mashed potato, sprouts and other spices being mixed together filled and served along with sweet, tangy and spicy water tastes like heaven. It is close to our taste buds and bursts our mouth full of flavors. We can actually die to slurp this yummy and heavenly snack item at any time of the day. It is simply loved by people of all ages.

But the fact remains that this roadside delicacy is being considered unhygienic by many of us. Many puchka lovers keep themselves away from the roadside puchkas simply because of its unhygienic preparation. Well, it is absolutely unfair to kill your puchka cravings. Therefore, we decided to not let you get deprived of its delectable taste. Indulge yourself with absolutely no guilt in some freshly made and most hygienic puchkas that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. The puchkas are made using high-quality products and mineral water by us. We believe in serving our customers with no compromise on quality and not satisfying the hunger on the cost of their health. The place where your puchka craving gets satisfied completely is called ‘Puchkalicious’. Get Ready to taste some of the most unique yet mouthwatering combinations of puchkas that you have not tasted before.

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