Make your Valentine Date Sweet and Spicy with Us!

Sweet and Spicy with Us!

Make your Valentine Date Sweet and Spicy with Us!

The significance of Valentine’s day celebration is beyond any boundary, especially in India. 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day every year as a symbol of love and a day dedicated to couples. Today it has become a celebration and is no more limited to lovers but reached a wider meaning. People celebrate the day with full enthusiasm amongst siblings, parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, and anyone they consider special. This day gives a perfect opportunity to shower the universal feelings and emotions of loved ones.

Any celebration without food in India is incomplete. If you are in love with a foodie, then this Valentine’s Day, give a foodie surprise to your beloved. There has always been a strong connection between food and romance. All romantic dates start from the food, be it over a cup of coffee or a romantic brunch, lunch or dinner. This time, go on a Puchka date with your beloved. Our three outlets in Kolkata are ready to serve you with the best varieties of Puchkas like nowhere else in the City of Joy. Our Puchkas are unlike roadside Puchka vendors as it is prepared most hygienically and served most attractively. We have the most unusual yet appealing types of Puchkas for every tooth- be it sweet or spicy.

By saying sweet treats, we refer to the sweet and delectable varieties of Puchkas including Pan Puchka, Tutti Fruity Puchka and Nutella Puchka with a twist of ice-cream in it. This makes for a perfect sweet and romantic dessert on a Valentine Date that will surely win your beloved’s heart. To spice up the evening, we have many puchka varieties that will satiate your tangy and spicy taste bud. To name a few, Jaljeera Puchka, Chatpata Puchka, Kurkure Puchka, Puchka Pyaza, and our beloved Churmur or Scrambled Puchka will surely add that extra spice in your heart full of love. The other varieties of Puchka that can make your Valentine date a memorable one include Cheese Puchka, Cheese Burst Puchka, Peanut Masala Puchka, Dahi Puchka, and Corn Mayo Puchka.

Therefore, prepare yourself to celebrate this day in the most fun-filled romantic and delicious way with our Puchka platters in each hand. Make your love feel special by treating them with sweet, spicy and unique varieties of Puchka in City Centre 2, RDB Cinemas and Ecospace Business Park. Come and celebrate the day of love with Puchkalicious. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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