Celebrate This Navaratri With No Onion Puchkas

Celebrate This Navaratri With No Onion Puchkas

Navaratri is about to begin and this nine-day festival is celebrated all over India with great joy and enthusiasm. During these nine days, most of us restrict to no onion no garlic meal. Here are nine different varieties of most hygienic Puchkas of Kolkata that you can indulge in nine consecutive days of Navaratri from the menu of Puchkalicious.

Tutti Fruity Puchka:

Tutty Fruity Puchka | Puchkalicious

Begin Navaratri with the punch of fruits in Puchka with Tutti Fruity Puchka on Day 1. This is a perfect combination of crispy puris filled with seasonal fruits, vanilla ice cream, and chaat masala.

Dahi Puchka:

Dahi Puchka | Puchkalicious

Dahi Puchka is a perfect snack for Day 2. The mixture of fresh curd along with potato filling, sweet and green chutney cannot disappoint.

Chatpata Puchka:

Classic old puchka | Chatpata Puchka |  Puchkalicious

The traditional Chatpata Puchka with potato filling and tangy water with a twist of more tanginess is a treat to enjoy on Day 3.

Sev Puchka:

Sev Puchka



The super crunchy Sev Puchka is a perfect combination of potato mixture, chaat masala, sweet & green chutney with lots and lots of Sev & a must-have on Day 4.

Jaljeera Puchka:

Jaljeera Puchka

On Day 5, be light on your stomach and enjoy Jaljeera Puchka. The Jaljeera water can never go wrong when it comes to digestion as well as taste.

Nutella Puchka:

Nutella Puchka | Puchkalicious


Day 6 is again time for a sweet treat of Puchka. Nuttela Puchka with ice cream will simply melt in your mouth leaving it full of chocolatey flavors.

Cheese Puchka:

Cheese Puchka

How can we forget Cheese in any festive celebration. Cheese Puchka is a must-have on Day 7 along with your friends and family.

Scrambled Puchka:

Scrambled Puchka

The celebration will remain incomplete without our beloved Churmur or Scrambled Puchka on Navaratri. Share the platter with your family or friends on Day 8.

Pan Puchka:

Pan Puchka

Pan Puchka is the classic way to end Navaratri on the last day i.e. Day 9. Pan fillings along with chocolate ice cream and that too in a Puchka, sounds heavenly. Isn’t it?

We invite you all Puchka lovers to indulge in the most delicious Puchkas in Kolkata. Enjoy Navaratri with these no onion Puchkas. Let us share our love for Puchkas with friends and family on all the nine days of Navaratri by indulging in nine different varieties of Puchkas, available only at Puchkalicious.

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